Where it all started. We offer janitorial services for your space, regardless of the size. We use eco-friendly (green) products that are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Our professional staff is properly trained to provide the customer with a level of service that is second to none. We do not work for a time, we work to a standard; leaving your space looking as if it were brand new.


We offer a variety of floor care options for tile, carpet, hardwood, and more, depending on the type and texture of your flooring. Take tile for example; we will strip your floor down to the original surface, mopping and rinsing any leftover residue. We will clean all baseboards, walls, furniture and all other cleanings associated with the floor. We then seal and wax or polish your floor, leaving a spectacular shine! We come out to your site and walk through the area(s) to be serviced. During the walk-through, you will learn the options and processes that are available to you, leaving you with enough information to make the decision best suited to your needs.


If you are moving in or out, we provide the deep cleaning necessary for the next tenant to occupy or move out of the office space. You may have someone that is servicing your space and only have a need for a one time or periodic deep clean. We can offer that service to you for competitive pricing or as a package with routine service. No

job is too big or small for our staff.


The most visible item next to a business’ sign are the windows. Like the rest of our cleaning products, we offer eco-friendly products to keep your windows looking as if you had no windows at all. From offices to showrooms, schools to buildings as tall as three stories, we can handle all of your window cleaning requirements.


We can handle construction cleaning at all stages of construction. From an initial rough cleaning, all the through to the final cleaning prior to owner approval, look to us to handle your construction cleaning needs. We have properly trained staff that will perform site walks with you at all stages of the clean to ensure that your needs are being met.


Is it that time for spring cleaning again? Look to us to handle your garage, storage areas or other spaces that have become cluttered and have items that need to be removed. We offer services where we can clean out your space and bag it up for trash day or we can haul your debris to the dump for you! Are you moving from point A to point B? Let us handle your moving and hauling needs. We offer professional moving and hauling services to meet all of your needs. Schedule an appointment with us to provide an onsite estimate of your needs.

We look forward to being your new clean team!