About Us

Damion Jiles and Jackie Scott

Damion and Jackie are the parents of 3; two boys ages 12 and 14 and a daughter that is closing in on graduating from the University of Washington. When the two are not taking care of the needs of their clientele, they can be found at the gym for basketball, or the football field, cheering on their boys to be the stellar student-athletes that they are destined to be.

Jiles and Scott Logistics (J&S Logistics, LLC) is a veteran, woman and minority owned multipurpose logistics company that specializes in commercial janitorial, floor and carpet care, construction cleanups, hauling, debris removal, clean outs and other on-demand services.

Established in September of 2018, we are a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing the customer with second to none services with prices that will not break your budget. Whether it is assisting you with cleaning out your garage, hauling yard debris after a spring cleaning of your yard or providing janitorial services to multilevel office buildings, we provide a service with attention to detail that is heads and shoulders above the crowd.

Jackie Scott

Jackie B. Scott brings over 20 years of administrative leadership and guidance to the table and J&S couldn’t ask for a better COO. On top of Jackie’s duties as the COO of J&S, she is also the Director of Administrative Operations for a local construction company. Without her
presence, J&S could not function properly and we couldn’t ask for a more amazing Operations Officer!

Damion Jiles

Damion E. Jiles, Sr is a 12-year Army veteran and CEO of J&S Logistics. Recently, he completed his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and is currently enrolled in a graduate program

(B-School) working towards earning an MBA in Economics with a concentration in Community Economic Development. Damion brings leadership traits that were developed over a 12-year career in the US Army. Having worked in various supervisory and leadership roles after leaving service, he sets the vision and direction for J&S to be an industry leading force to be reckoned with.